Escelik Heating Appliances Ltd. Co. has begun its operations by producing steel goods and furniture in 1974. Over the years company has reached a better position in the heating appliances market by producing solid fuel stoves and accessories.

Towards the changing world conditions Escelik Heating Appliances widen its product range with the interest of customers and the trust to its product quality. The company continues to produce solid fuel stoves, LPG fuelled radiant and catalytic heaters and natural gas heaters in its factory which is located in Eskisehir Organized Industrial District, Turkey.

With more than 35 years of experience in the market, changeable and open-minded organizational structure, customer and quality oriented production principles and well educated human resource, Escelik Heating Appliances is a company which is leader and pioneer on the market.

As its goal to become a leader and pioneer company in the market, Escelik Heating Appliances produces high quality, user friendly and latest technology products with the help of its R&D department which is established in company’s factory.